SOCIAL STUDIES 7 2016-17

    Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies.

    7th grade Social Studies is focused on American History. During the 7th grade school year students will learn about the following units:

    Geography and Native Americans




    American Revolution

    U.S. Government

    First Years of the United States

    Westward Expansion, Sectionalism, and Pre-Civil War

    Final Exam


    Each day your son or daughter will follow a daily routine. A "Do Now" is given and students will usually take the first 5-10 mins to read or answer questions based on the previous class work or homework.

    The next 20 minutes is a blend of group work, readings, discussions or seminars on the topic of the day.

    The last 5-10 minutes is a summation with checks for understanding and giving students a chance to start the days assignment or homework. This time is used to make sure students know what is expected for the next day, to help students who may need more one on one attention with the days topic, or to reiterate the days lesson.