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Welcome to the Putnam Valley Middle School

iVoice Club Website.

iVoice is a club here at the Putnam Valley MIddle School. Our goal is to capture interesting events at our school and share them with our other school mates and you, the public.

When you visit our school, you may see us snapping pictures or taking video of school events.  You may see us in your class if there is an interesting project happening, you may see at a school performance, taping events to make DVD’s for later viewing.

Smile, you never know where we may show up!

This website is a great place to come to see the events taking place at the Middle School.  A gallery of items is already available for you to view which includes some events from this current school year, and years past.

The 2014-2015 Club meets on most Tuesdays directly after school or before school begins.  Often times we will meet during the course of the school day if we are working on special projects or events. Listen to daily announcements for schedule.  We meet in Mrs. Sherwood’s office.  Please bring your laptops.  This club is open to 7th and 8th graders.  Students who are involved in sports can still participate as some of this work can be done at home on your laptops.

Club Advisor:

Mrs. Sherwood

2015-2016 Members

Sam Kahn: Grade 7

Kimberly Ginin: Grade 7

Catarina Duraes: Grade 7

Parker Sperrazza: Grade 7

James Roche: Grade 6

Treat Thorpe: Grade 6

Jon Fuchs: Grade 6

Remy Eppner: Grade 6

Nicholas Lombardi: Grade 6


2014-2014 Members

Jonathan Bennett: Grade 8

2013-2014 Members:


2012-2013 Members:

Christina Huynh: Grade 8

Matthew Jenkins: Grade 8

Roger Sanabria: Grade 8

Joseph Dellabate - Grade 7

Elizabeth Mao: Grade 6

Jaclyn Pedoty: Grade 6

Rolando Lopez-Ramos: Grade 6

2011-2012 Members:

Matthew Scolaro: Grade 8

Anthony Gallo: Grade 8

Matthew Jenkins: Grade 7

Ella Torregrosa: Grade 7

Kotoe Abe;:Grade 7

Coner Van Riper: Grade 6

Owen Gifford-Smith: Grade 6

2010-2011 Members:

Marc Zadrima; Grade 6

Robyn Torregrosa; Grade 8

Ella Torregrosa; Grade 6

Danielle Lopez; Grade 8

Matt Scolaro; Grade 7

Aubrianne Cummins; Grade 8

2009-2010 Members:

Manny Jaffe; Grade 8

Alexander Orefice; Grade 8

Shannon Rogers; Grade 7

Marc Zadrima; Grade 5

Sara Zadrima; Grade 8

2008-2009 Members:

Michael  Brady Grade 8

Manny Jaffe; Grade 8

Alexander Orefice; Grade 8

Jaquan Smart Grade 6

Sara Zadrima Grade 7

2007-2008 Members:

Michael Brady Grade 8

Meghan Malone Grade 7

Alexander Orefice; Grade 6

Vincent Torsiello Grade 7

Sara Zadrima Grade 6


Last Updated:

 Monday, November 9, 2015