Art Program    

                                                            Mrs. Racanelli

Welcome to the art program!  You will be entering an exciting and creative environment.

Below is a brief overview of the art program.

The Putnam Valley Middle School art program is in accordance with the New York State Learning Standards in Art.

Art elements, art principles and art history will be emphasized, along with the mastery of basic techniques in a variety of media.

The art program will include the following units:

Color                      Space

Line                      Value

Shape                    Texture

The following Principles of Design will be incorporated in each unit:

Balance                 Art History

Rhythm                Art Criticism

Movement           Art Appreciation

In each unit the students will create projects through the use of painting, drawing, oil pastels. chalk pastels,  ink, sculpture and printing techniques.


-Students will be creating a portfolio based on weekly and daily art projects

-Completing all of your individual project requirements at your own ability level.

-Participating in class discussions based on art history, art criticism, and art appreciation.